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Motivating Me!

on May 25, 2008

I love inspirational and motivational books, specifically those written by Americans.  I think I find them soooo motivating because the author always seems to have come from ‘nowhere’ and become rich and successful.  Maybe it is because I find I have so much in common with them.  Ok, maybe not the rich and successful, but one out of three is a good start isn’t it?

At the moment I am totally motivated by the Law of Attraction by Jerry & Esther Hicks.  It all started with The Secret, which I have not actually finished reading as I just could not get ‘into it’.  A friend of mine who is a Tarot Card reader and very much into the ‘Universe’ has had many discussions with me as to the difference between positive mental attitude and law of attraction.  I now use both to achieve what I want even quicker!  It is great fun too!!!!

I had better go now as I have many things to do and the most important one is to eat a bar of choccy!!!

See You at The Top





2 responses to “Motivating Me!

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  2. Hi Pauline, I too watched the secret, powerful stuff and a good attitude to adopt. Much like yourself, I haven’t quite perfected the bit about wealth but working on it! Hope you enjoyed the choccy. Charlie.

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