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How It Is

on July 13, 2009

Well, the great news is we have a new 7 seater and it is even better than the last one………thank you Universe!

We will get the insurance sorted out some day. I know it will finalise the way I want it to.

In the meantime, we are having great fun.  The kids and I have been out to two events and made money.  My son loves car boot sales, although he ends up spending any money he makes but as he is still close to his inner source energy, being only 11 yrs old, he does everything for the fun of it.  Children can teach US so much!

Oh, one thing I have finally done is found some bargain books that I bought cheap but have great value!  I have yet to resell them, but I am vibing in the abundance of money that is flowing to me.  Biggles books are greatly sought after and I have found them, yaaaay.  I send my gratitude to the Universe.

One thing we do have to remember is that we are constantly sending out our vibrations to the Universe, whether or not we believe it and whether or not they are good or bad vibrations.  I am aware I have also been vibing in some bad stuff.  The good news is that when you become aware of the Law of Attraction you have your own powers to control your life and I am getting back to controlling mine!

Remember, feeeel it, see it, believe it and have it.

Take care.



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