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Please help!

on August 14, 2009

Well, the Universe has been working it’s magic again!

Please support Percy

Please support Percy

How did this happen?  What do you call it……………coincidence, God, vibrations?

My son was involved in an incident by defending a little friend of his.  I shall not go into the story of what happened nor how the situation was resolved to enable my son to put it in the past.  A small incident to us but  a massive one to him!

A week or so after this incident when all was calm and bright, I received an email, totally out of the blue from a lovely lady who had found my website asking would I be interested in printing t-shirts for her Anti-Bullying campaign.  She sent me her absolutely wonderful designs and I printed some samples.  When she received them she told me that she was absolutely over the moon with them.  I am really proud to be a part of her campaign……… Percy the Pigeon’s Anti-bullying campaign.

What is incredible to me is that I realised, only a few days ago how I vibrated Percy into my life.   Originally, I thought it was the incident that my son had got involved in.  Then suddenly I realised that birds are everywhere!  Yes, I know they are, maybe I am slow LOL!

A few months back I bought some lovely colourful, ornamental, parrots for my small workshop.  My husband says they look tacky……. he may be right!  Then I bought Sara, by Esther & Jerry Hicks to read to my children.  This fantastic book explains to children how Law of Attraction works in a way that is easy for them to understand.  Highly recommend.

So as not to spoil the story of Sara, all I will say is that it involves a bird!

A few weeks into reading the book and we took our regular trip to the pet store to get our lovely little dog some treats.  The kids love it.  They get to look around at all the animals, we also have two goldfish now!  Well, they were looking at the fish and I was looking at the ………….birds!  There he was, there was the bird from the book, Sara.  I shrieked with excitement!!!!!

When we got home I told my husband all about the bird and how it related to the book of Sara.  He rolled his eyes and said he would go and look at the bird in the pet shop the following day.  I could not believe how I had asked and been given so quick!!!

The following day hubby went to the pet shop, regrettably, I could not have that bird.  However, we now have a Cockatiel named Charlie.  For years my husband has wanted a Cockatiel………… he finally allowed it in!!!!

Then Percy the Pigeon also came into our life………….


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