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Scrap Metal Maid

on November 4, 2012

OK, I am sitting here really tired but I have not had the time to blog for a few days!  This is what happens with me, I say I will blog, start with all good intentions but find within a very short time days, weeks, months have passed me by.  How do you bloggers do it so regularly?

So, what was I going to tell you about?  The scrap metal, yes, I was going to blog about that… it was such fun.  Well, my kids were 50/50 about that but my daughter keeps saying “what about this?”  as she hands me a small piece of scrap metal.  So, in some funny way she enjoyed it.

Back in London as a small child I fondly remember the rag and bone  man.  He would go around the streets (originally it was horse and cart) in a truck shouting “any old iron” and people would hand over their scrap and he would give them a ‘couple of bob’.  For those never having heard that term it means small change/a few coins.  Where did he take all that rubbish I would wonder?  Where does all that rubbish go?  Why does he buy it?

Obviously some of those questions have been answered over the years.  He takes it to the tip and he makes money.  Well, I decided to do the same, just for the fun of it, to at least see it for myself.  We have just replaced our two seater sofa and a reclining armchair with a lovely 5 seater corner sofa… at last.  With the old furniture out the back garden and my husband waiting for the local council to contact him to arrange a collection which would cost us 10 GBP, I decided I would break the reclining chair back to it’s carcass!  I managed to get the metal out put all that to one side and then went to the attic to find all the things that I had been hoarding for years.

We managed to fill the back of our Mitsubishi Pajero with loads of things that could not be recycled to a.n.other person and needed to go to the tip anyway.  Google as always let me know where a local scrap metal merchant was.  Ironically, 15 minutes from the home I have been living in the past 4 years!!!!

rag and bone


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  1. Excellent article. That’s exactly what I was looking for.

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