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Baking time!

on November 20, 2012

ImageWell, they look nice at least!

Chocolate biscuits with buttercream mmmmm:)  The children didn’t want to wait, but had to. Maybe I should have let them eat them straight away because the next day when I bit into one I realised what advice I needed to give them!!!

Step one:  Take the two pieces apart.

Step two:  When you bite into the biscuit make sure you the force of your bite is in your lower front teeth, otherwise you have the potential of breaking your upper front teeth LOL!

They were slightly overcooked regrettably and the buttercream did not have enough icing in!  However, the kids and hubby loved them, albeit they agreed with the above.

They did ask for more, so they were at least edible and somewhat tasty and at least I know how to make them better.  On a positive note I was impressed with my piping of the biscuits as I have not done any piping in years!


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