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Wow! Thank you Universe

Well, I have not been able to find the time to write here for absolutely ages!  I have been so busy with all the things the Universe has been sending me………Thank you Universe, I am extremely grateful.

It is amazing how well law of attraction works.  My best example so far is the receiving of my 7 seater car!!!!!  Yes, I asked the Universe for a 7 seater.  Well why not?  Every time we see one on the road the kids say how great it would be to have one and with my t-shirt business we talk about how great it would be to all be able to go to events to sell our t-shirts.  Everything and every one of us would all fit into one vehicle and we would have loads of fun.

So, going to one such event to sell our t-shirts, just myself and my son I told a friend where we were going and she met us there.  During the course of our conversation she mentioned she had seen an 8 seater car in the car park, for sale.   A week later she told me she was buying the car she had seen.  She already had a 7 seater and told me she was selling her old one………….two weeks later we bought her old 7 seater, yaaaay!

OK, you may say this goes on every day.  Well only 2 weeks before our conversation, unknown to her I had written in my notebook that I would love a 7 seater car for the family to go to the t-shirt events and how happy my children would be to have such a car.  I had specifically asked the Universe for this and the Universe, as always, delivered.  It really was fantastic to see the children the day we got the car, they were sooo happy.

It is all about ‘feeeeeling’ to be in alignment with your inner source energy.

See You at The Top


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Just Ask!

Well, I have established that the Law of Attraction (Jerry & Esther Hicks) really does work!  It takes some getting used to if, like me, it is new to you, but whether you agree with it or not, it does work.  All you have to do is ask, then allow and it will come to you.  So how does it work?  It works by the Allowing. 

Obviously, the favourite is………….I want more money.  Ok, so think about the money you would like to have and for what?  Do not think about the ‘I do not have’ and ‘it will not come to me’, because you will be right.  This is where you must Allow.  You must just ask for what you want and forget about it.  If you contradictate what you are asking for by saying “I do not have” you are not allowing.  It is out there for you and wants to come to you but you have to ‘let go’ and let it come to you.

It will only come to you once you allow it to.  Now, to some of you this may seem crazy, well, maybe it is, but if it works does it matter to you?  If you want the money, relationships etc then does it matter if it is crazy.  I don’t think it is because there are too many ‘coincidences’ so I am more than happy to let the Universe send me what I ask for.