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Happy New Year

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and are ready to allow in all the good stuff in 2013.

Having had a lovely rest over the holidays it’s time to get on with my ‘to do’ list.

Next week I will be looking further into my son going to college. He just turned 15 yrs old in December, so the college have to establish something to do with the funding. Thankfully, they were totally open minded about home education and mentioned one home educated 15 yr old they had in the college and I know of one other so it should all be pretty straightforward. He will not be starting until September so we have plenty of time.

My son is really excited about it, although a little nervous, understandably.  He already has his Math GCSE (B Grade) which he took last year and we are going to collect his OCN certificates on Wednesday.  He took Computer and Science.  I am really proud of him.

It is also time for my 9 yr old daughter to sit down with her mum again and do some more education.  She is not as open minded about this as I would like her to be!  When she was younger she was happy to sit down and learn with me she now prefers to learn autonomously.  A bit of variety won’t hurt… much!

It’s also time to revamp my website.  Time to freshen it up and I would like to see if I can become more consistent at blogging.

In the meantime, I would like to wish you all a fantastic, healthy and wealthy 2013.

Take care and have fun.

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Rampage of Appreciation….

Photo courtesy of MrsBouquet.co.ukPhotograph and flowers by Mrs Bouquet.co.uk




Thank you for everything you did for me.  What a wonderful man you are.  Well, I’m supposed to say you ‘was’ now you have passed away.

I didn’t go to your funeral today because I could not cope with the pain that I would see in your family and the pain that I  feel inside.  I have never felt such sadness as I have done this week.

I refuse to say goodbye.

It seems to me there is no reason to say goodbye anyway… you certainly have been around here a bit this week!  Abba music has been playing every day… who was arranging that then?!  Ok, I put Mamma Mia on the tv the day after I was told you had passed away because you always loved them and I thought it would make me happy and it did make me smile thinking of you sitting in the armchair with your wonderful cheeky smile and laughing.  But who was arranging it from then on?  They were on the radio every time I turned it on,  Pete would change the tv channels and the next thing Abba would be singing.  Oh you were so having a laugh:)

I always loved the way you grinned, was sarcastic and so happy.

So, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you (and your family) did for me.   I appreciate your kindness and your love.  I appreciate your family for sharing you with me.

I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you for having such a great impact on my life.  I will love you always and forever.

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Baking time!

ImageWell, they look nice at least!

Chocolate biscuits with buttercream mmmmm:)  The children didn’t want to wait, but had to. Maybe I should have let them eat them straight away because the next day when I bit into one I realised what advice I needed to give them!!!

Step one:  Take the two pieces apart.

Step two:  When you bite into the biscuit make sure you the force of your bite is in your lower front teeth, otherwise you have the potential of breaking your upper front teeth LOL!

They were slightly overcooked regrettably and the buttercream did not have enough icing in!  However, the kids and hubby loved them, albeit they agreed with the above.

They did ask for more, so they were at least edible and somewhat tasty and at least I know how to make them better.  On a positive note I was impressed with my piping of the biscuits as I have not done any piping in years!

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Scrap Metal Maid

OK, I am sitting here really tired but I have not had the time to blog for a few days!  This is what happens with me, I say I will blog, start with all good intentions but find within a very short time days, weeks, months have passed me by.  How do you bloggers do it so regularly?

So, what was I going to tell you about?  The scrap metal, yes, I was going to blog about that… it was such fun.  Well, my kids were 50/50 about that but my daughter keeps saying “what about this?”  as she hands me a small piece of scrap metal.  So, in some funny way she enjoyed it.

Back in London as a small child I fondly remember the rag and bone  man.  He would go around the streets (originally it was horse and cart) in a truck shouting “any old iron” and people would hand over their scrap and he would give them a ‘couple of bob’.  For those never having heard that term it means small change/a few coins.  Where did he take all that rubbish I would wonder?  Where does all that rubbish go?  Why does he buy it?

Obviously some of those questions have been answered over the years.  He takes it to the tip and he makes money.  Well, I decided to do the same, just for the fun of it, to at least see it for myself.  We have just replaced our two seater sofa and a reclining armchair with a lovely 5 seater corner sofa… at last.  With the old furniture out the back garden and my husband waiting for the local council to contact him to arrange a collection which would cost us 10 GBP, I decided I would break the reclining chair back to it’s carcass!  I managed to get the metal out put all that to one side and then went to the attic to find all the things that I had been hoarding for years.

We managed to fill the back of our Mitsubishi Pajero with loads of things that could not be recycled to a.n.other person and needed to go to the tip anyway.  Google as always let me know where a local scrap metal merchant was.  Ironically, 15 minutes from the home I have been living in the past 4 years!!!!

rag and bone

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I’m the Happy Mummy…

I’m the Happy Mummy…

My new chairs were delivered at 8.30 a.m… just as I was about to start the ironing!  They need some TLC (a little bit of sanding down and repainting).   However, for the moment I shall enjoy the rustic look!  I will definitely be sanding them down but I am considering making fabric covers and cushions for them… we’ll just have to wait and see!

I managed to get the ironing done and some work on my website, all before the children got up so I was very happy.

By the afternoon I was absolutely shattered and it soooo reminded me of all the early mornings (and sleepless nights when the children were babies).

I sorted out all the old chairs and put them out in the garden ready for the scrapyard.  Now that is another blog for another day!

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Little Sister

Little Sister

Good Morning World:)

I have been up since 5 a.m!  My daughter was kind enough to wake me as she needed the loo, bless her!  I did tell her to wake her dad but she wanted me to get up with her:)

As I have a delivery of new dining chairs today… any time from 8.30 a.m.  I thought it best not to go back to bed as I didn’t get in their until 1 a.m. anyway.  I feel rather hungover from only 3 or 4 hours sleep, so early night tonight.

Delivery of my new chairs should be here shortly so I best go and have another cuppa and sort out some ironing.

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Please help!

Well, the Universe has been working it’s magic again!

Please support Percy

Please support Percy

How did this happen?  What do you call it……………coincidence, God, vibrations?

My son was involved in an incident by defending a little friend of his.  I shall not go into the story of what happened nor how the situation was resolved to enable my son to put it in the past.  A small incident to us but  a massive one to him!

A week or so after this incident when all was calm and bright, I received an email, totally out of the blue from a lovely lady who had found my website asking would I be interested in printing t-shirts for her Anti-Bullying campaign.  She sent me her absolutely wonderful designs and I printed some samples.  When she received them she told me that she was absolutely over the moon with them.  I am really proud to be a part of her campaign……… Percy the Pigeon’s Anti-bullying campaign.

What is incredible to me is that I realised, only a few days ago how I vibrated Percy into my life.   Originally, I thought it was the incident that my son had got involved in.  Then suddenly I realised that birds are everywhere!  Yes, I know they are, maybe I am slow LOL!

A few months back I bought some lovely colourful, ornamental, parrots for my small workshop.  My husband says they look tacky……. he may be right!  Then I bought Sara, by Esther & Jerry Hicks to read to my children.  This fantastic book explains to children how Law of Attraction works in a way that is easy for them to understand.  Highly recommend.

So as not to spoil the story of Sara, all I will say is that it involves a bird!

A few weeks into reading the book and we took our regular trip to the pet store to get our lovely little dog some treats.  The kids love it.  They get to look around at all the animals, we also have two goldfish now!  Well, they were looking at the fish and I was looking at the ………….birds!  There he was, there was the bird from the book, Sara.  I shrieked with excitement!!!!!

When we got home I told my husband all about the bird and how it related to the book of Sara.  He rolled his eyes and said he would go and look at the bird in the pet shop the following day.  I could not believe how I had asked and been given so quick!!!

The following day hubby went to the pet shop, regrettably, I could not have that bird.  However, we now have a Cockatiel named Charlie.  For years my husband has wanted a Cockatiel………… he finally allowed it in!!!!

Then Percy the Pigeon also came into our life………….

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When did I ask for that?!

My new ‘Top of the Range’ heatpress was delivered on Friday, yaaay!  I am now out there with the big boys………although I don’t charge their prices.

It is so true……….The Better is Gets, the better it gets.

Babybugz - Cheeky Monkey T-Shirt

Babybugz - Cheeky Monkey T-Shirt

There was nothing wrong with the heatpress I had.  Well, so I thought, until Thursday morning, aaaagh!

I shall tell it ‘how it is’.  The Universe is not interested in the past.

So delivery took place on Friday morning of this top of the range heatpress.  The quality of all our t-shirts has always been 100% top quality.  Now they are even better.  Technology improves and we go with it.

Well, the truth is, I know when I asked for that.  Any thoughts that we have, good or bad, we put out to the Universe, whether we know it or not, whether we believe it or not, and I know that I have always wanted to be out there with the ‘big boys’.

The only difference between us is that I don’t have the overheads they have and therefore, I keep my prices within everybody’s reach.

£8.99 for a superb quality long-sleeve printed top for baby.  Mantis World – Babybugz label.

The best part of Law of Attraction is showing appreciation.  So I would just like to thank the Universe for sending me everything I ask for.

Remember, you can be, do or have everything you want, just ask and remember to allow it in.

The better it gets, the better it gets.


Car Insurance!

As I see somebody has picked up my blog (glad to know it is being read!) and decided to use it in regard to their car insurance advertising I realise how my last post could have been misread, aaagh!

When I stated that we will get the car insurance sorted out for our 7 seater I should have pointed out the problems with the car insurance, as in, we had cover for rescue assistance however, when it was required the car insurance company did not provide it because there administration system was not up to date!!!!  So if you wish to use my blog to advertise your car insurance please bear in mind that I was complaining about car insurance, LOL!

The Better it Gets, the Better it Gets………..Sarah, (Law of Attraction, Esther and Jerry Hicks)

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How It Is

Well, the great news is we have a new 7 seater and it is even better than the last one………thank you Universe!

We will get the insurance sorted out some day. I know it will finalise the way I want it to.

In the meantime, we are having great fun.  The kids and I have been out to two events and made money.  My son loves car boot sales, although he ends up spending any money he makes but as he is still close to his inner source energy, being only 11 yrs old, he does everything for the fun of it.  Children can teach US so much!

Oh, one thing I have finally done is found some bargain books that I bought cheap but have great value!  I have yet to resell them, but I am vibing in the abundance of money that is flowing to me.  Biggles books are greatly sought after and I have found them, yaaaay.  I send my gratitude to the Universe.

One thing we do have to remember is that we are constantly sending out our vibrations to the Universe, whether or not we believe it and whether or not they are good or bad vibrations.  I am aware I have also been vibing in some bad stuff.  The good news is that when you become aware of the Law of Attraction you have your own powers to control your life and I am getting back to controlling mine!

Remember, feeeel it, see it, believe it and have it.

Take care.


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